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Why do I think I have the best house in the Hamptons? (Part I)

Obviously, I am little biased since it's my house :)

But here are some reasons that may back up my bold claim:

We include all your meals and drinks. In the Hamptons, things can be expensive. So, at other houses, when you need to eat out every meal it will cost you more that your share! At our house, you wake up in the morning not just to a bag of bagels but eggs, pastries, hot coffee, bacon (sorry, not a kosher house), fresh bagels and orange juice. Plus all the rest of your meals are prepared by our cooks and are really good!!

We don't just buy a few bottles of liquor and claim to have alcohol included. I have a liquor distributor deliver 6 to 8 cases of assorted liquor to the house each weekend. I also ask each guest to bring a bottle. So between what I buy and what our friends bring, our bar never runs dry. Also, we are always stocked with all the mixers!

I do this as a full time job. Most so called, house managers, just think it will be fun to get a house, get some friends together and spend the summer in the Hamptons. My company (davidshapiro.net, Inc.) is the largest social and business networking company in NYC. We realize that it takes lots of hard work to do this right! I live at the house all summer long so I can make sure that everything is perfect by the time you arrive on Friday. One time, the pool filter broke on a Tuesday. Another time the central air broke on a Wednesday. If I hadn't been there during the week, we would have arrived on Friday without a clean pool and no air conditioning. But, since I was around, all was fixed before the weekend.

I care. I really do. And, not just about your money :) Other houses are very responsive when they are trying to get your check. I still answer your calls and emails after you've paid! We have a very high return rate. Also ask anyone who has ever done "Shapiro's House" and they will recommend it. I do everything humanly possible to ensure you have a positive experience each and every weekend!

That's enough for now....to be continued in a later post or feel free to call me at 212 579 4844 to discuss our house in more detail. I will save you the time shopping around. I know all the houses and if mine is not a good fit, I will recommend you to the right house for you.

Talk to you soon,
David Shapiro
212 579 4844

Also, have you noticed that I am the only person in the Hamptons to include my full name, real email address and my home phone number with the house info. Just think about it. What are those other houses hiding from? :)

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