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PopImpressKA Journal VII Edition Fashion & Music

PopImpressKA Journal NEWS:
Please welcome our VII Edition of PopImpressKA Journal / FASHION & MUSIC
Cover Story: Model, Dancer & Humanitarian Brianne Helfrich modeling PopImpressKA Brand
To Purchase: http://popimpresskajournal.org/collections/journals/products/volume...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our Fashion & Music Edition! We are very excited to be here with you on this beautiful planet, on this journey called life. Our mission is to share fascinating and thought-provoking stories and images from around the world with you to inspire, move and touch you. We will present articles highlighting people from all corners of the world featuring art, movies, fashion, new discoveries, new adventures, new enterprises, amazing people with important causes and ideas how to make our planet more beautiful together. Our journal strives to be quite different from other journals you may have read before. We look forward to a bright future with you, our valuable readers. We need your help to spread the word about our new international journal, which at this time is anticipated to be published quarterly. So go ahead and tell all your friends and relatives about us. We invite you to visit our website at www.popimpresskajournal.org

PopImpressKA Journal is inspired by various creative talents as well as people focused on spirituality, healing and healthy living including incredible artists, actors, producers, writers, poets, musicians, creators, chefs, spiritual leaders, healers and thinkers as well as Native Americans. The purpose of this publication is to create a world that connects everyone.

Through PopImpressKA Journal we want people to feel good, get in touch with their inner self, help others and be compassionate, create love and understanding and learn from each other.

PopImpressKA Journal is indebted to so many amazing people for their tremendous help and collaboration. We believe the universe has granted us such love, inspiration and creativity this year. We would like to acknowledge all mothers around the world that have nurtured and loved their children unconditionally. This issue is dedicated to WORLD PEACE!

With gratitude we recognize our remarkable contributors: Alla Papkovich, Jared Chayut (Videography), David Karges (DeepKut Entertainment), Maxim Mamurov (Photography), Gloria El-achkar, Lydia Kotevski, Karynne Summars, Nuna Elena, Joshua Brito, Ksenia Mergourieva, Countess Nicholas Bobrinskoy, GDOOSJ of Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John of Jerusalem Russian Grand Priory. We thank all of you who are reading this issue of PopImpressKA Journal and everyone who supported us to make this project a success. Let’s embark on a journey to make this world a better place! We would love any feedback you may want to share with us.  Feel free to email us. For ad sales, sponsorship, Journal inquiries, feedback or future story requests please e-mail:




May Peace Prevail On Earth!


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