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I have an update with some exciting news!

Book by Saturday, March 22nd and save A LOT on your multiple destination package!

Pardon the length, there's much to "share"

It's easy to stick to what you know. Maybe you love Club Getaway, are addicted the Hamptons, enjoy the beach town feel of Fire Island or the excitement of Atlantic City. I believe that, for example, you can be more than just a Hamptons person or a Club Getaway lover and do a lot more with your summer.

Thus, I am upping the ante! Explorers will now receive $75 off for 2 destinations in your summer schedule. But I am daring you to do 3 destinations and receive $150 off or really go crazy and try all 4 for a $250 reduction in your package!

Sound Easy enough...?

So here's your summer schedule:

► 4/25: Atlantic City Summer Season Kick-Off Weekend!
► 5/23: Memorial Day @ Club Getaway
► 6/27: Hamptons
► 7/4: Fourth of July @ Club Getaway
► 7/11: Fire Island
► 7/18: Club Getaway Young Pros
► 7/25: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► 8/1: Fire Island
► 8/8: Club Getaway J-Weekend and Hamptons (2 options this weekend)
► 8/15: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► 8/22: Hamptons
► 8/29: Labor Day @ Club Getaway
► 10/10: Club Getaway Fall Finale

More info about Summer Shares: http://davidshapiro.net/page/summer2014

CLUB GETAWAY - http://davidshapiro.net/club-getaway-summer-2014

HAMPTONS - http://davidshapiro.net/hamptons-summer-2014-hotel

FIRE ISLAND - Join us at our amazing house centrally located and near all the main attractions. Get away from it all with no cars for a weekend, convenient access to the beach and plenty of bars to frequent at night.

ATLANTIC CITY - I call Atlantic City a 'hidden gem' from the perspective of New Yorkers who don't realize how close AC is and all that it offers. This is a trip you don't want to miss!

Please call me at 212-579-4844 for more info about Club Getaway, The Hamptons, Fire Island or Atlantic City. You can also email me at david@davidshapiro.net for this week's prices. Prices are subject to change and increase each week as we sell out all the trips

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