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Legal Services for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

I am a business law attorney assisting companies of all sizes with general and specific needs. I have the pleasure of representing numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses, both start-ups and those that have been in existence for many years. 

I have particular experience with capitalization issues, and can help determine the appropriate fund-raising mechanism for your business, whether it be a private placement, a crowdfund, or a registered public offering.  Other matters on which I am frequently consulted include formation, preparing and negotiating contracts, corporate governance, and regulation compliance.  I enjoy helping my clients with all of these matters and more, so please contact me today with any questions or concerns you may have about your business, and I will do all I can to either resolve your matter myself or rely on my network to find the attorney or other professional who is best-suited to assist you.


Gary J. Ross




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I can recommend Gary on a personal level. As a friend, he's always been honest and trustworthy. We've had a number of casual legal discussions about a variety of issues and I can attest that he definitely knows what he's doing.

If I should need a reliable and fair attorney for my business, I would definitely retain Gary. Luckily (don't want to jinx it), I haven't needed one :)

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